Adding a toggle lever clutch to a South Bend 10L or Heavy Ten

How to replace a star wheel clutch with the loggle lever style.
The document is for Heavy 10" lathes, but it might be a good starting place if you want to do this to a 9" machine or a light 10K.

adapting a tumble reverse from a 10k to a 9" south bend lathe

tumble reverse with pull knob from a 10k adapted to fit a 9" south bend model A lathe

I saw a post on the practical machinist forum (this one) about switching out the 9" style tumble reverse for the more sophisticated version that was used on the 10k and much later 9" machines. Of course that meant I had to do it. After the usual ebay hunt I managed to find a reverse mechanism for less then a million dollars. Apparently I am not the only one who read that post.