DoAll ML bandsaw manuals and accessory info

Most of these are also availabe from DoAll and I strongly recommend you look at their site! (
I have collected them here mainly for my reference.
The welder schematic is from an EXCELLENT site

Step one, buy lathe

I found an old Taiwanese Jet 9X20 lathe on craigslist for $600. When I went to take a look it had obviously been neglected and there were some broken parts. I talked the guy down to $500, loaded it in the Honda CRV, and headed home happy. I bought some replacement parts, and made a new compound clamp for it, and it worked OK. Here is what it looks like.

Shop list

After a hiatus of some 25 years I have once again gotten interested in machine tools. I am trying to put together a shop that will let me make anything that comes to mind. I am starting with a lathe, a small MIG welder, and some kind of mill. And a horizontal band saw. Oh and an arbor press. There is probably more, but that is a good start.