I love projects! What I don't like is never having time to finish them. This blog is an attempt to prod me into finishing my shop projects be making htem public. We will see if it works.

Machining an cotter for the armor milling machine averarm support

When I bought this mill it came with an overarm support but no means of holding it to the overarm proper. There was a hole through the support casting at a right angle to the overarm hole, and it was clear from looking at pictures of other peoples mills that there was supposed to be a cotter there to hold it in place. I decided to try and make a cotter to fit, and looked online for information on how to do it. Not much showed up, although I got enough detail to think I could figure it out.

Shop list

After a hiatus of some 25 years I have once again gotten interested in machine tools. I am trying to put together a shop that will let me make anything that comes to mind. I am starting with a lathe, a small MIG welder, and some kind of mill. And a horizontal band saw. Oh and an arbor press. There is probably more, but that is a good start.