Headstock parts layout and reassembly

The headstock was pretty straight forward to deal with except for reinserting the shims. The bearing shim packs are very fragile, and you don't want any of the layers to fold over as you push them into their slots in the headstock. In order to not mess them up I had to gently pry the bearings open with a brass bar and push the shim pack in. Remember to check the orientation BEFORE you so this. 

With the shims in place you can prepare to insert the spindle. The key here is to make SURE the nice next felts you put in are not going to be in the way. I depressed the retainer springs and then stuck a pointy wire in from the side.

Here is a shot of all the headstock, backgear, and spindle comonents laid out.

headstock spindle and backgear components for a 9" south bend workshop model A lathe