Aircraft Machine tools Armor Horizontal Milling Machine

I am really happy with this milling machine!

Armor horizontal milling machine
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It was manufactured by the Aircraft Machinery Corporation in Burbank California, probably sometime in the late '40s early '50s.

The tooling is quite nice, including:

  • A shop made vertical head that mounts on the overarm and has its own motor that mounts on the opposite end.
  • A selection of end mills for the Vertical head (which only accepts 3/8" shank tools).
  • A 7/8" horizontal arbor, and an overam support (which is missing the cotter that locks it to the over arm, so there is a project right there).
  • A 7/8 inch stub arbor that screws onto the spindle.
  • A bunch of cutters of various sizes and shapes.
  • A really nice shop made boring head that threads directly onto the horizontal spindle.
  • A nice swiveling vice.
  • A home made power feed for the x-axis. This one is a great bit of rube-goldberg engineering, and I am curious to see if it works.

From what I can tell the spindle has a #2 Morse Taper internally, and what looks like 1 1/2" x 8 TPI threads externally.
 The long MT2 arbor for the horizontal has a threaded draw bar, but the other end of it is just a straight shaft. The overarm support has a bronze bushing that it fits in, but there is a lot of play. The previous owner (or a previous owner) made a little pointy stub that forms a dead center to rest against the arbor, but I would be concerned that it does not provide enough support against side forces during cutting. Obviously I have some work to do.

There is a lot to learn about using it, but I have already made some new T-nuts for the Jet lathe cross slide just using the stub arbor with a plain milling cutter in it.